Pet Door Lock Bar

Lockking Pet Door Lock with Stoplock

LockKings Pet Door Lock for sliding glass doors are designed to move with the sliding glass door as it opens and closes.

When installing a pet door panel, the sliding glass door manufacturer’s lock is now useless.

LockKings Pet Door Lock will help make the sliding glass door more secure.

Before installing you may want to align your Sliding Glass Door with the Pet Door Panel. Click the following link How to Raise a Sliding Glass Door

The Pet Door Lock is Easy to Install, a Simple Adjustment and it’s ready to use.

Made to Order to your specified size,as chosen on the SHOP page, the door can open and close and still be secure.

As an added precaution a Stoplock is included, which helps prevent unlocking the bar by reaching through the pet door.

The Lockking Security Bar secures your sliding glass door or patio door against the pet door panel.

Always in Place, always in Sight, a Simple Lift to Unlock or Push Down Lock the Security Lock

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When ordering Pet Door Panels, make sure they are not too big that a person can’t exit when the door is open.

Lockkings Sliding Glass Door Lock can take up to 2”-3” in width when your sliding glass door is fully open.

Lockking Sliding Glass Door Lock for Sliding Glass Doors or Patio Doors will help give you better home security.

LockKings Pet Door Lock

LockKings Pet Door Lock for sliding glass doors

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